Financial and Legal Services in Canada

Czar partners with Canadian businesses to ease up the burden of financial functions by taking advantage of sophisticated technology solutions. By tapping on the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise of our team of professionals, we help companies streamline the finance functions, enhance profitability, reduce complexity, and manage disruption while staying compliant with the regulations. Our dedicated financial services help your business thrive in the current competitive and regulatory landscape.

Securities advisory

Prospectus refers to a comprehensive disclosure document that is prepared by a company when it wants to sell securities to the public. Different types of prospectuses are used depending on the growth stage and the nature of offerings. In some instances, it becomes non-mandatory to provide prospectuses.

Securities resale is governed by Canadian securities regulators and should comply with the norms of self-regulatory organizations as well as the rules of stock exchanges in Canada on which securities trade. Also, laws exist to govern the issuance of shares by Canadian corporations to private investors.

As a qualified and registered company providing securities advisory, we guide clients to navigate through the processes efficiently while staying compliant with the norms. Our finance and securities consultants are recognized for their thoughtful advisory services on the sale and purchase of securities and the management of investment funds.