Managing Accounts Payable and expenses

Czar supports your business in getting a head start in the digital revolution we are currently undergoing. We prioritise your business the most. Our consultation services in managing payable accounts and expenses help you minimise costs and find your enterprise's optimum revenue model. In this regard, we ensure a reliable and smooth set up process with new supplier accounts and help develop a robust method for the management payable accounts and help categorise an expense as per requirements.

Our AI-driven system automates the entire process of receiving supplier invoices and the processing of such invoices concerning accounts payable for approval, validity checking, and fast payments. This process helps in reducing wasted time and makes the entire process hassle-free.

We provide liaison for interactions with suppliers should any significant issue arise or if any of the payments or invoices are in dispute or queried to provide a quick resolution of any hindrances. We also offer unique self-optimising financial services towards the processing of expenses, claims, and reimbursements every month.