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About Us

Catering to both business clients as well as direct customers, we, at Czar Technologies & Services are focussed on tech consulting and providing the best possible innovative data and tech solutions.

We are innovative, and this shines through when we cater to our clients living in the post-digital era. Whichever industry you might be in, we guarantee tangible results through the use of every (you name it we have it) technological idea. We will turn your challenges with innovative technology into your strengths.

Affordability is our motto. And data privacy and protection is our mantra. These are the pillars we do not budge from when offering our clients the solutions they need.

No foundation can be laid merely on two pillars. We pride ourselves in being efficiency-driven, and that is our third cornerstone.

Finally, but in no way the least important, is our fourth pillar made from our futuristic sight and goals. We ensure this shines through in the solutions we offer you.

Our services are vast and include our brand incubators along with our proprietary enterprise software and the expertise-based services we have to offer. With constant prototyping and testing, we can ensure your customer experience is faster, smarter and better. Not just these behind the scene tech but also giving our clients brand growth and productivity support using innovative data and tech solutions, is our aim.

We offer all our services to the UK as well as Canada. Banking, taxation, company formation; we do it all. Head over to our services pages to figure out just how we can help you and where.

The commitment of giving you what you seek is one which we make not in thin air but based on all that we have said to you here. We assure you that making us your partner is a decision you will look back on with pride.

At Czar Technologies & Services, we promise to bring to you the best possible solution that you can find for any needs that you may have. We are a trusted name, and we make it a point to ensure all our customers have their expectations from us met time and time again.


Czar partners with Canadian and United kingdom businesses to ease up the burden of financial functions by taking advantage of sophisticated technology solutions.

Services in U.K.

Czar partners with U.K. businesses to ease up the burden of financial functions by taking advantage of sophisticated technology solutions.

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Services in Canada

Czar partners with Canadian businesses to ease up the burden of financial functions by taking advantage of sophisticated technology solutions.

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When you can run your business support via affiliate program from Czar Technologies and Services, why go for complex third-party plugins or platforms? The affiliate program at Cza Technologies & Services comes with actionable features and is super simplified for your use. Moreover, you can reduce costs and the overall set up time, by affiliating with Czar Technologies & Services’ program.

Czar would be very happy to partner with professionals who would like to render either technology services, or other services of a chartered accountants from any part of the world. This affiliate program will empower you with optimum accuracy and full control.

We will also partner with people who referred customers to czar for e-commerce solutions or other services and we would pay 20 percent commission till the time the customer is with Czar, irrespective of their geographic location.

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For enquiries or requests that require a more personal response, we will make every attempt to respond to you within 2 working days.


Czar International Limited, Devonshire House, 60, Goswell Road, London EC1M 7AD, U.K.

Czar International Holdings limited, 1600-925, Georgia Street West, Vancouver, BC V6C3L2, Canada.

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